What is Feedzon? Who are we? Where do we come from? Do aliens really exist? Oh, and the legal stuff.


Feedzon offers a wide range of products & services to meet varied business needs on desktop & iOS devices. We have over 20 years experience developing vertical market leading solutions; consulting, designing & developing exceptional custom solutions and also more recently a range of outstanding web services. With a dynamic team of creative thinkers, designers and developers, feedzon can help you to achieve what might otherwise seem unachievable. Our aim is to always exceed your expectations.


For 18 years, Feedzon CTO Chaim Bacon grew a successful software business, Productive IT (PIT), developing a range of leading vertical market solutions, including TPO, a business management solution for professional photographers. PIT was acquired by Click Connection Corporation (CCC) in 2011. CCC specialises in lead creation and marketing, specifically in the photography industry and wanted to add such a solution to it's portfolio. From 2011 to 2013, CCC invested heavily in its new I.T. department, eventually splitting it off into a separate company as an investment vehicle. Feedzon remains tightly affiliated with CCC and has the backing and support of its team of over 30 staff and its entrepreneurial CEO, Charlie Kaufman.


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We try to do everything properly so everyone knows where they stand, what their responsibilities are and what to do if something doesn't quite go as expected. By creating a feedzon account or by using any feedzon product or service you agree to and become legally bound by these terms. Please click the links to find out more.

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