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What Is a News Feed?

A news feed, or RSS feed, allows you to see new content being added to websites. With an RSS feed, you will be informed of any new news, blog posts and more as soon as they are published, without having to visit the website where feed is coming from. In feedzon's case, you will be informed of any new blog posts as soon as they have been added to the site. Cool, huh?

How can I use them?

To be able to receive updates via RSS, you first need to find a type of news reader. These news readers come in many forms however most are either browser-based or actual software that must be installed on the computer before any feeds can be added.

There are lot's of news reader alternatives out there, so try a few until you find one you like. There are of course a few advantages of using a web based news reader. The first and most important advantage is that you can pick up messages on the move, wherever you are. I will leave the other advantages for you to find out!

How do I get a news reader?

Obtaining a news reader is simple. Just pop over to the Windows Marketplace, the Mac App Store, or Google Play (the app store for android) then simply search for "RSS reader" and choose the reader of your choice. We do have a few recommendations to make though! Our recommendations allow you to receive RSS feeds anywhere by simply logging in to one of the following websites...

Readability Feedbin Feedly Fever

How do I subscribe to feedzon's RSS feed?

Simply add the following feed to your chosen reader! -

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