A range of innovative web services including Google Calendar integration, Address lookup, OCR plus powerful business management tools for antiques dealers and photographers.

Google Calendar Service

Feedzon Calendar is a simple yet powerful method for integrating Google Calendar with FileMaker (replacing our FMgCal plug-in), so you can easily integrate your FileMaker solutions with your Google Calendars. No plug-ins or Java required, so works with Go, Pro, Server, WebDirect, CWP and runtime solutions. There are also no limits to the number of FileMaker tables or files, servers, Google accounts or calendars you can connect to.

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Reader OCR Service

Reader enables you to add full Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities to your database or website with almost no scripting. Whether full page documents or business card scanning, just think of the extra business and sales you can make by adding OCR to your solutions!

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Translate Service

Sorry I didn't understand, can you translate that please? Sure! With Translate, you can translate any amount of text to any of 64 languages in a matter of seconds. You can have Translate integrated into your solution in next to no time.

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Address UK Service

Make a better impression and get addresses into your solution quicker and more accurately with Address. Just ask customers for a house number and postcode or any other known address elements. Feedzon's powerful search engine returns the matching addresses automatically. Choose from full accuracy which identifies all 29 million premises in the UK or street level accuracy, as best suits you needs.

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Other Web Services

Feedzon web services make it really easy for you to add otherwise complex features to your solutions, like Speech or Barcode. Integrate with just a few lines of code - really, that's all it takes! Targeted initially at FileMaker 12 & 13 developers, these powerful web services can actually be integrated into any technology that can perform an HTTP post. Find out more and download our sample files for FileMaker Go & Pro.

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A sophisticated business management solution for antiques & art dealers, designed to make your business more productive, profitable and better organised. With Antiquity you can manage pretty much every aspect of your business with ease, including customers, stock, images, reminders, website updates, invoices (with or without margin scheme), detailed reporting, marketing and much more.

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The Photographic Organiser

The Photographic Organiser (TPO) is a sophisticated business management solution for photographers, designed to make your business more productive, profitable and better organised... and that is exactly what it does! With many hundreds of photography studios across the UK relying on TPO, we're sure it will suit your needs.

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