Address UK Service

An intelligent and cost-effective UK address lookup service with free geocode data, distance calculations and an ingenious radius search feature.

Find your customers with Address

Make a better impression and get addresses into your solution quicker and more accurately with Address. Just ask customers for a house number and postcode or any other known address elements. Feedzon's powerful search engine returns the matching addresses automatically. Choose from full accuracy which identifies all 29 million premises in the UK or street level accuracy, as best suits you needs.

It's so Easy!

How easy is it to integrate Address in your solution or website? You can look up an address using just a single line of code. It doesn't matter whether you're looking up by the postcode or by other parts of the address. Our super-speedy and intelligent service will work out what you're looking for and provide you with the right results instantly. Easy!

Who's Nearby?

With Address you can perform proximity searches, calculate distances and get additional data related to a specified postcode. Need to provide a service identifying the nearest depot or outlet? Need to calculate the distance between two points? Need to find all the postcodes in a given radius? Address makes it all possible with just a few lines of code.

International & Government

Address currently supports UK addresses; Support for US and other countries will be added subject to demand. In late 2014 we will launch an address cleansing service to bulk verify, enhance and correct your existing address data. Address data is fully licensed in the UK from Royal Mail & Ordnance Survey. We will also add additional governmental and location specific data.

I want to know more...

To find out more, just click below for the specification or to download the demo files for FileMaker Pro & Go. Please note that to use this service you will need to create an Account, set up a Service in your Feedzon Account for the Address UK Service.

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