Reader OCR Service

Reader enables you to add full Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities.

Get rapt with Reader's radical OCR

Reader enables you to add full Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities to your database or website with almost no scripting. Whether full page documents or business card scanning, just think of the extra business and sales you can make by adding OCR to your solutions! feedzon Reader supports both single and multi-page documents and business card conversion.

Integrate in Minutes

Adding Reader to your solution will quite literally take just a few minutes! Simply upload the image, specify a few parameters and wait for the results. It really couldn't be easier. Your customers will be delighted and your competitors will be left standing!

Beautiful iOS App

Need to scan business cards at an exhibition and have the data uploaded to your database? With the free Reader app, you can do exactly that. No need to use a traditional scanner provided by the exhibition company and wait for their spreadsheet to arrive weeks later. You can even use our vCard option to add the contact straight to your contacts list.

Your data provided in your preferred format

When reading full page sized images with Reader, you're not limited to just raw text output. Specify that you want the results in Word, Excel, Powerpoint or PDF and Reader will retain the full text formatting and tabulation of the original imaged document.

So many languages

Intelligent OCR must understand the text to produce intelligent output, but some OCR providers only support a limited number of languages, resulting in lots of errors. Reader supports up to 194 different languages and can process both single language and multi-lingual documents.

I want to know more...

To find out more, just click below for the specification or to download the demo files for FileMaker Pro & Go. Please note that to use the demonstration files you will need to create an Account and set up a Service in your Feedzon Account for the Reader OCR Service.

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