The Photographic Organiser

A sophisticated business management solution for photographers, designed to make your business more productive, profitable and better organised.

The Basics

With TPO you can manage pretty much every aspect of your business with ease, including customers, calendar, job details, reminders, quotations, invoices, workflow, detailed reporting, marketing and much more. With TPO, you'll not need to worry about how to use lots of different programs any more. TPO combines all the features you need into one easy-to-use software package so you'll never again need to enter information multiple times into different programs.

TPO will cost you less per year than you pay a member of administrative staff in just a single week!

Advanced Features

TPO is a powerful solution but still very easy to use and you can use as little or as much of it as you like. Producing a mass mail, email or SMS-shot can be completed in a matter of seconds, with the power to adjust your message template on the fly. Every outgoing communication is personalised to the recipient, e.g. 'Dear Jane', making them appear much more professional than a generic 'Hi'. TPO includes full HTML email support for both outgoing and incoming emails as well as two-way SMS features for appointment reminders and marketing.

Network options allow you to access TPO over a network and all data is synchronised between the computers automatically. Google Calendar integration allows you to synchronise one or multiple calendars with Google and from there to your phone or iCal etc. The Source of Enquiry report shows you exactly where you best customers are coming from, helping you to identify where to spend your marketing budget next year. Image linking links images from your shoot to the client record to remind you what they look like and be sure you shoot different poses next time they're in. The optional Postcode / Address module makes you look more professional by requiring you to just ask customer's for a house number and postcode. The reminder and workflow features keep you on top of the tasks you need to complete on a day-to-day basis.

Great Support

Some companies only provides email support... but you want to call someone and get the issue resolved now! TPO comes with a full peace-of-mind support package. In addition to our knowledge base and email support, we also provide telephone support free of charge. Furthermore, if we can't resolve the issue over the phone then we'll log into your computer remotely to get it sorted. Your support package also includes both minor and major upgrades free of charge.

Additionally we offer a service to import your existing data as well as options for remote or on-site installation and staff training, so you can be running a highly efficient business quickly.

Why Choose TPO?

Here are just a few reasons to use TPO.

  • Save Money: Costs less per year than a week's wages for an assistant!
  • Make Money: With the sophisticated marketing features to create extra bookings & sales.
  • Save Time: The reporting and management features will save you a bundle of time.
  • Be in Control: Feel in control of your business rather than being controlled by it!
  • We Know What You Need: TPO has been designed for photographers by photographers so it's full of features designed specifically for your business.


"This is the best version ever... we checked out the alternatives, but this version of TPO is the clear winner. TPO's ability to monitor all promotions, sales and day-to-day diary management, plus its ability to track so much useful information like birthdays, makes it a great tool for marketing and generating new business too. Anybody who is serious about their photography should be using it! It's money well invested and while camera equipment depreciates, our TPO database just grows and continues to generate more money for us."

Mark Swinford LBIPP LMPA LSWPP CrGoP, Mark Swinford Photography

I want to know more...

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