Other Web Services

Feedzon web services don't use plug-ins and so work with FileMaker 12 & 13 - Go, Pro, Server, WebDirect, IWP & CWP as well as any other technology that can perform an HTTP request.

Speech Service

Speech converts your text to an audio mp3 file, supporting 42 languages. Text to speech (TTS) is commonly used in education, computer interfaces, consumer and telecommunications systems and as an aid for those with visual impairments or reading disabilities.

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Barcode Service

Barcode is an amazingly simple and flexible way to generate over 25 of the most popular barcodes 1D & 2D formats with a myriad of customisable options. Barcode doesn't require any plug-ins or special barcode fonts and outputs high resolution image files.

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Twitter Service

Twitter is an amazing way to stay in touch with customers and can help grow your business, 140 characters at a time. Now you can post and read tweets directly in your solution, keep customers automatically updated with their job progress and promote your events and special offers.

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SMS Service

Use SMS to keep in touch with customers, send appointment reminders, send school alerts or run promotions - especially time limited or time sensitive campaigns. Send a single personalised SMS or a bulk SMS-shot. feedzon SMS can also receive replies helping to keep all your communications in one place.

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LaRS Service

With feedzon LaRS you can now add sophisticated licensing, registration and access control to your FileMaker solutions. If you've ever needed to control who has access to your solutions, enable or disable functionality remotely, manage distribution and eliminate use of unlicensed copies - then you need LaRS.

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Transfer Service

FTP from FileMaker without plug-ins or OS level scripting! You can upload, download, rename, delete, create files and folders and also control file permissions. Our servers handle all the complex tasks, so if necessary, you can easily add these features to your FIleMaker Pro or Go solution with just a few script steps. Simple!

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Got a burning demand for a new service?

We want to make feedzon your One Stop Shop for easy web services integration, so we're interested in your requirements and suggestions. Current requests include integration with SurveyMoney, Wufoo, Mailchimp, integrating with online accounts packages, owncloud, Trello, FogBugz, Prowl, Zoho and many more. Please send in your vote for any of the above or get in touch about anything else you want to suggest (note that we can only offer integration with other web services and not with desktop-only software products).

Suggest a new Service

Become a recommended feedzon integrator!

We often get requests from customers wanting an independent developer to help them integrate feedzon services into their solution or website. To apply for membership you'll need to demonstrate having successfully integrated at least one feedzon service for one of your customers or solutions, ideally with a testimonial from that customer stating how adding the Feedzon service has been of benefit. A screencast (screen recording) and / or screenshots showing the solution in action are also required. Extra points for good design. We may ask to test the appropriate website or solution.

There is no charge to apply but an annual fee of £ 100 (plus VAT if applicable) applies to successful applicants and members. Once approved, you'll be able to post a profile on our website for our prospects and customers to see. We can't guarantee you'll receive any work as a result of being a recommended integrator, but we'll certainly try our best for you. Any work resulting from the referral is to be governed under a separate contract between you and your customer and feedzon takes no responsibility, bears no liability and receives no remuneration for that work.

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