LaRS Service

An innovative Licensing & Registration System (LaRS) for FileMaker developers, solution managers, I.T. departments.

For FileMaker developers, solution managers and I.T. departments

With feedzon LaRS you can now add sophisticated licensing, registration and access control to your FileMaker solutions. If you've ever needed to control who has access to your solutions, enable or disable functionality remotely, manage distribution and eliminate use of unlicensed copies - then you need LaRS.


LaRS provides an advanced interface for managing your solution licensing requirements and an API so you can easily integrate it into your solution. LaRS services include licence serial number issue, client registration and activation, expiry dates, limiting number of uses - e.g. trial versions, number of licensed users, device restrictions, usage logging and reporting. LaRS will also provide a service through which you can automate the financial aspects of your product lifecycle with automated billing and reminders for monthly, quarterly or annual cycles including online payment. Other options being considered include in-app purchases, upgrade notifications and remote wipe.

Pick & Choose

LaRS provides a powerful back-end enabling you to implement these features into your own solutions. Subject to your business model, product requirements and client base you may choose to implement one or all of the features on offer.

No Plug-ins!

No plug-ins required! We leverage the excellent HTTPS Post function built into FileMaker 13. It's also possible to integrate with older versions of FileMaker using a plug-in or any other technology that supports HTTPS Post.

System Requirements and Compatibility

FileMaker 13 Go, Pro, Server, WebDirect and runtime solutions.
FileMaker 12 or earlier with a plug-in that can perform HTTPS Post (various plug-ins are available, including free ones).
All other technologies that support HTTPS Post.

Need Help?

Integration is reasonably simple for FileMaker developers of intermediate level or above. However should you require assistance integrating LaRS into your solutions, Feedzon staff includes FileMaker Experts offering a custom development service.

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