Transfer Service

FTP from FileMaker without plug-ins or OS level scripting!

Transfer makes FTP integration really easy

FTP from FileMaker without plug-ins or OS level scripting! You can upload, download, rename, delete, create files and folders and also control file permissions. Our servers handle all the complex tasks, so if necessary, you can easily add these features to your FIleMaker Pro or Go solution with just a few script steps. Simple!

Security from the Start

Transfer supports FTP, SFTP & FTP-SSL. All communications between your device and our servers use SSL regardless of your own FTP server settings.

Complete Control

The Transfer service supports all the common features you need to upload and download files, create, rename or delete files and folders and also to get file lists, get file info and set file permissions which no other iOS FTP app does (at the time of writing).

Coming soon...

The initial release of feedzon Transfer works with FTP. Shortly thereafter we'll add support for Dropbox,, Google Drive, Sky Drive, Amazon S3 and other services. We'll also add an option allowing you to specify the default 'home' folder for each user account.

I want to know more...

To find out more, just click below for the specification or to download the demo files for FileMaker Pro & Go. Please note that to use the demonstration files you will need to create an Account and set up a Service in your Feedzon Account for the Transfer Service.

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