Twitter Service

Grow your business 140 characters at a time by Tweeting straight from your database.

Communicate automatically with Twitter

Twitter is an amazing way to stay in touch with customers and can help grow your business, 140 characters at a time. Now you can post and read tweets directly in your solution, keep customers automatically updated with their job progress and promote your events and special offers.

Boost your business through terrific tweeting

Post regular tweets that are informative or surprising. If you're a chef, tweet recipes or kitchen tips. If you have a fashion boutique, tweet ways to match current trends with vintage items. Highlight positive press stories and news about your company and have mentions about your company on a TV in the reception.

Perfect your promotions and share some secrets

Launch special Twitter-only promotions to your followers. Tweet an offer code that unlocks a promotion or tweet a secret word that customers can mention to get a discount when they visit your business. Share information that your customers can't find elsewhere, like behind-the-scenes photos, discounts or new product previews. Get people to follow you and generate loyalty by offering special deals only to followers. Drive traffic to your website and blog with enticing messages.

Education Establishments

Schools and educational establishments could use Twitter to send messages to parents or keep in touch with select groups of students to remind them about upcoming events. Teachers can remind pupils about dates that homework is due back in.

Enhance events and encourage attendance

Promote your events and remind people when an event is about to start. Try streaming conference mentions on screens throughout the venue, making attendees feel more a part of the event. If you need to attract a younger audience... Twitter is the way to get the message across.

Coming soon...

feedzon Social is staring off with Twitter but soon we'll bring you integration with Facebook and LinkedIn. Later on we'll also be looking into adding social media integration for Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Vimeo.

I want to know more...

To find out more, just click below for the specification or to download the demo files for FileMaker Pro & Go. Please note that to use the demonstration files you will need to create an Account and set up a Service in your Feedzon Account for the Twitter Service.

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