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Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge Base has a wealth of great information and tutorials allowing you to make the most of your software. Check out our forums and articles for Antiquity and TPO by clicking on the links in the table below!



Click one of the specification buttons below to learn how easy it is to integrate a service into your own solution or website. Each specification page lists all the functions and correct syntax for that service along with details of all possible error codes. Code examples are provided as well as additional notes to explain some of the logic along with supported languages or file types as appropriate.


Demonstration files & sample code

All feedzon services have beautifully designed demonstration files designed to run in FileMaker Pro on your Mac or PC or FileMaker Go on your iOS device (FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go version 12 & 13). Click the Download button to get these files. We will shortly be adding sample code to integrate feedzon services into other technologies, e.g. PHP & JavaScript.



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Remote Support

If a support incident cannot be resolved by email or phone, we may ask to log into your computer to see the problem first hand and provide additional assistance. Please download and install our customised TeamViewer app and then call us on +44 (0)1923 294 955.


Download TeamViewer

Supported languages

Some feedzon web services require you to specify a language as one or more parameters. For example when using the Reader OCR service you need to specify the language used in the text or when using the Translate service you need to specify the 'from' and 'to' languages. Feedzon's web services support up to 206 languages, although the supported languages vary for each service.

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Security at feedzon

At feedzon, we value your online security as much as you do and we do our best to protect the security of your account; we takes steps every day to provide a secure experience for our users.


Data storage

Any data submitted for processing is immediately deleted as soon as you have download the results, e.g. if you upload an image file to the Reader service for OCR - as soon as you've downloaded the results, both the original image and the resulting file or data are deleted from our servers. If a file or data result has not been downloaded 72 hours after you initiated the task, it is deleted from our servers automatically.



We use 256-bit SSL encryption (HTTPS) for all data communications with our servers, except data sent by email which is unencrypted and not secure. Therefore we recommend the use of the HTTPS GET or POST method for transfer of any sensitive data. All user data is stored behind firewalls with constant monitoring and only accessed via secure protocols. Your key profile account data is encrypted and no credit card details are stored on our servers. Where required for recurring payments your credit card details are tokenised and stored by SagePay, our PCI DSS compliant payment partner.

Please see section 3 of the feedzon Cloud Services Agreement for more details.