Specification for Speech Service

Check out the specification below to see how easy it is to integrate text to speech conversion into your solutions.


Each request to a feedzon web service requires a number of parameters, all listed below. All requests require an Service Key which was generated when you activated a key for that service. You can create multiple keys for each service, if required.

feedzon methods and parameters names are all case sensitive,e.g. CreateSpeech will work but createSpeech will not; ServiceKey=abc123 will work and SERVICEKEY=abc123 will not.

Create Speech

Request Format




Where "0" means successful; "14" is the Task ID for this conversion; "3744" is the mp3 file size in bytes and "2" is the mp3 length in seconds


Name Type Description Example
ServiceKey String Your Service Key uYt892VbNBmKLE2K9upE83HhjeR6342L
Text String Text to be converted Welcome to feedzon
Target String feedzon recognised code for the text language engl

Use GET for short text (up to about 2000 charcaters), otherwise use POST.

Download File

Download the MP3 file.

Request Format



Name Type Description Example
ServiceKey String Your Service Key uYt892VbNBmKLE2K9upE83HhjeR6342L
TaskID String TaskID provided when using CreateSpeech method 6789

In FileMaker the results should be saved to a container field. If the TaskID is invalid, no value is returned.

Response Errors


Error Description Cause Resolution
-1 Function doesn't exist The function name doesn't exist or has been spelled incorrectly. Please check your syntax for any errors since all function names and parameter names are case sensitive.
1000 Service Key is invalid The Service Key used to access feedzon was not recognised or has been disabled. Please check your Service Key, re-enable the service or contact us for further assistance.
1010 Missing parameters One or more parameters are missing Please check the parameters section to identify which parameters are required for the specified method.
1020 Language specification error The language code was not recognised Click here to see the feedzon language codes and ensure your parameters reference only recognised language codes.